Saturday 6 July 2013

Been There, London That

I'm writing from the departures lounge of London Luton airport (LTN). Yes, the departures lounge. I haven't even been in the UK for 48 hours and I'm already jetting off to Hungary. I've been fairly productive in that time though (well that is untrue as I have not technically produced anything at all. I have been busy though).

I landed at 10pm local time on Wednesday night. Somehow, I managed to traverse the London Underground and trudge to my hostel where I literally checked in, went to my room, put my bag down and fell asleep on the bed. The mattress was like a rock and I didn't have a pillow but I don't think I've ever slept so well. The next morning I checked out the hostel and headed out into London. The hostel itself is pretty nice considering the price. It used to be an old courthouse and in much of the architecture it is still quite obvious. The computer room, for example, is still set up in the style of a courtroom. I will attach a photo of it because I actually figured out how to get the photos off my camera...eventually. The hostel rooms themselves I'm fairly sure are old gaol cells.


Anyway, yesterday I travelled around doing all the touristy things. I met up with a friend who was already visiting family in the UK and she showed me around some of the famous sites like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the inside of most of the shoe stores on Oxford Street. Thanks Emma! (I told you that you would get a special mention). Again, hopefully I'll attach some pictures of these as well as some pictures from Dubai I didn't get to post before.

The weather is weirdly nice as well. I've always been led to believe England is cold and rainy all the time, but in my time there it was all blue skies and sunshine it only rained once briefly!

At this point I'm actually writing on the plane to Budapest. Hopefully Anthony "Chuck" Tang (Anthony is his slave name) will be there to meet me at the airport. What wacky adventures, crazy mishaps and zany shenanigans can two young gents get upto in Hungary?

Ps. On the flight to Hungary, I listened to the complete discography of The Hungry Kids of Hungary because, you know, when in Hungary do as the hungry Hungarians do. Hungary.


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