Monday 22 June 2015

A Severe Case of AmnAsia

Look.... I know, ok! I dropped the ball on this one. My bad. I managed semi-regular blog posts for eight months in Europe, two weeks in Cambodia and I give up entirely. It would be unfair to blame Ryan for my shortcomings but I will, simply because he's an easy target. Shame on you Ryan!


Anyway, when we last left our intrepid explorers they were sweating their body weight every day in the sweltering ruins of Angkor Wat. I wish I could go into more detail about the rest of the trip but I have to keep it brief. I also don't have a lot of the photos of the trip on my iPad and since I'm *spoilers* in India at the moment, I can only post what I have.


After landing in Sihanoukville, Ryan and I caught the ferry across to the tropical island paradise of Koh Rong for four incredibly beautiful and relaxing days. Koh Rong is exactly what you're picturing when you imagine a tropical Thai island, filled with beachside cabanas and huts and virtually untouched by the outside world (when in reality, tropical Thai islands are usually full of resorts and Russians). I even had a clever blog post name for Koh Rong (which to be honest, I kind of thought I'd already written and posted but apparently not). It was going to be called "How Could You Koh Rong?" and it would have been wild. Oh well.

Home away from home
We did get a storm one night though...apparently.

After Koh Rong, we caught a bus to Phnom Penh for a night, then a bus over the border to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City. In HCMC, we flew up to Hanoi were we found the third member of our trip, Chuck. Chucks family is originally from the South of Vietnam and he speaks Vietnamese fluently, however we still ran into some language barriers.

Chuck, in all his glory


To be honest, the details are a little blurred. We explored Hanoi for a few days and met up with Hue, Kate's Vietnamese exchange sister who lived with us for 6 weeks a few years ago. We also made it out to Ha Long Bay which, despite none of use really managing to get any justice-doing photos, is absolutely, breath-takingly beautiful.

Case in point

From Hanoi, we flew to Hue, around the middle of Vietnam. Hue is a UNESCO world heritage listed town and its easy to see why. It's incredibly beautiful, although its UNESCO status made it a beacon for tourists which, hypocritically, did remove a little bit of the shine. I also got a suit and a tuxedo tailor-made for $300 total.


Finally, we headed further south to Saigon. We met up briefly with Chucks family but mostly we entertained ourselves. Saigon is a fascinating city with heaps to see and do, particularly the former Presidential Palace, the various war museums and the Cu Chi tunnels.


I really regret not keeping this up to date as I went along because that's a pretty poor summary. I'll try not to let it happen again. The next post will be very soon... Hopefully.


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